Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

First day of school


Before my first day we already went in to choose my schedule which is:
1st Spanish 1 (I love my teacher she’s awesome)
2nd Sophomore English (that was a horrible class)
3rd US History (that was a great class too because my teacher was awesome too ^^)
4th Leadership (that’s an amazing class which all exchange students should take)
5th Photography (that teacher was crazy, but at least I got student of the month for that class (: )
6th AP Calculus (I like it, but we did what we did 3 years ago in Austria)
The day before my first day was picture day, so I went in got my picture taken and picked up my schedule.
On the 31st school for students 10th-12th grade didn’t start before noon. But for new student there was an orientation meeting before that. The ASB students showed us around the building and showed us how everything works. Then I ate lunch with became my best friend afterwards.
After lunch my classes started and then I went home. It was a pretty good day :D

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